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All Aboard The Gut Train: Tormentum Is Gorgeously Gross

We can't look away

You ever think about how disgusting just, like, bodies are? All that greasy skin on the outside, all those ceaselessly sloughing organs sloshing around on the inside. We're so veiny and intricate and beautiful and hideous, each and every one of us. The creators of Tormentum - Dark Sorrow seem to be making an entire world with that in mind, seeing as their game sports a similar sort of fleshy, wrinkly style in places - including places where wrinkly, crawling flesh absolutely should not be. Wanna see a train that looks like a burning tube of 100-year-old skin? Then you've come to the right place.

Tormentum seems to be a rather traditional adventure at heart, but man, what a place. Apparently influences range from Demon's Souls to HR Giger, and it shows. The plot, too, doesn't seem like anything special at first blush (amnesia! imprisonment! weird dreams!), but the focus of your journey really seems to be on discovering this world. That's something I can get behind.

Here are the basics:

  • Dark adventure from the border of dream and reality
  • Unique, hand-drawn illustrations
  • 3 lands, differing in terms of architecture, weather, and creatures dwelling in them
  • Moral choices which will have an impact on the game's end
  • A variety of riddles integrated into the game in a form of different locks, traps, gates, etc.
  • Outstanding soundtrack with more than 20 tracks
  • Characters with unique personalities, which will help or try to prevent the hero in reaching his goal
  • Incredible atmosphere
  • Languages: English, Polish
  • 4-6 hours of gameplay

Interested? Tormentum is currently on Indiegogo seeking a fairly modest $9,000. It's certainly caught my eye, but can it seize your ragged, wheezing heart? Is this a place you want to explore, or at least cower behind a gnarled fleshstump in?

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