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Total Warhammer: Grim & The Grave DLC Announced

Mortis Engine? Nice!

If there's any sort of game you should expect DLC from, it's Games Workshop. It wouldn't feel right - wouldn't feel authentic - if you didn't, every few weeks, find yourself muttering "Oh for! Yes I do want that fancy unit but I just bought... for crying out loud, you flipping rotters. Fine. Fine, I'll buy your ruddy ghost-drawn boneshrine!"

Want to field a Mortis Engine in Total War: Warhammer [official site]? You'll need to buy the next add-on, The Grim & The Grave, which boosts both the Empire and Vampire Counts, see. But, in a very un-Games Workshop way, more freebies are coming too.

So, The Grim & The Grave! Arriving on September 1st, it'll be the first 'Lord Pack' for Twarhammer. Naturally that'll include new legendary lords, with Volkmar the Grim joining the Empire and Helman Ghorst rising amongst the Vampire Counts. Still lordly but less legendary are two new lord types, the warrior priest Arch Lector and the Strigoi Ghoul King. Both factions will also get new units: the Free Company Militia, Knights of The Blazing Sun, and Flagellants for Empire; the Corpse Cart and Mortis Engine for Vampire Counts.

Also new quest chains, new items... check out the DLC's Steam page for more info on everything. It'll cost £5.99 when it arrives on September 1st. Until then, a trailer:

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As for freebies, launching alongside The Grim & The Grave will be an update adding the Vampire Count legendary lord Vlad Von Carstein along with five new battle maps.

Nah, it's not right, giving away free stuff like that. It just... it doesn't feel like proper Warhammer. Hey, The Creative Assembly, is there any way you can dress this up as your mate who works in Games Workshop nicking stuff and offering you some to make you complicit in his shocking pewter crimes? Much obliged, ta.

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