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Towers trailer shows off gorgeous villages, flora, and fauna

Also you can pet the dinosaur creatures

Bear in mind here that trailers for games that are very early in development always need to be taken with a pinch (or a heap) of salt, for the sake of everyone involved. Now take a look at this absolutely breathtaking example for upcoming game Towers. Ignore the creepy flesh eye creatures. Focus on literally everything else.

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It looks like there’s going to be exploration, fighting, farming, building, and some kind of multiplayer component. The game’s website vaguely reads, in full:

“A game prototype made by 6 core developers over the course of 12 months. We strive to create a fantastical world full of mysteries and wonders for players to explore and build, together.”

According to IGN, Dreamlit Entertainment CEO and game director Khang Le says these developers are the same core behind Hawken, a free-to-play mech shooter whose PC servers shut down earlier this year. As Alice points out when reporting that news, it also had a very striking prototype trailer before its five somewhat troubled years in early access, so, again, temper your expectations accordingly.

But gosh if it isn’t worthwhile watching this on its own merits no matter how the game it’s attached to ends up coming out. The sideways windmills! The absolute plethora of animals, many of which appear to be pettable and/or climbable! That sad antlered bear!

Seriously, we’re absolutely not going to mention those fleshy, hairy eyeball swamp monsters ever again, though.

No information yet on the game’s eventual release plans, but you can find the developers’ website here.

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