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Trackmania is delayed, but here's the first trailer

It's now due July 1st

Impeded by the hurdle of starting to work from home, Ubisoft have announced a delay for Trackmania, their arcade racing game with a big focus on letting players build their own tracks. Previously due on May 5th, it's now expected July 1st. Ubisoft say this new Trackmania is a remake of 2006's Trackmania Nations, the one which focused on the stadium races - none of those squillions of other cars types and that. For now, you can see a bit in the first trailer.

Watch on YouTube

I hope Trackmania does focus strictly on Stadium racing. The other cars and environments could be fun but I always felt they diluted and distracted, while good ol' Stadium has always been reliable. It's what I'd always return to when the novelty of others wore off.

Back when Nadeo announced the game in February, managing director Florent Castelnerac said some encouraging things on getting back to basics after the series grew across the years.

"At first, we had a simple approach. Then we moved toward more rich, beautiful, and complex creations, including map-making, but lost simplicity in the process. Today, I would like to combine depth, beauty, and lightness. I think it is what people expect from modernity: to be powerful yet simple. I hope that's what we'll be with Trackmania."

I just wanna spend hours racing around a bustling server of ghosts through all sorts of weird and wonderful player-made tracks in a semi-dazed state.

For more serious folks, mind, Castelnerac did say it "will have daily and weekly casual cups, seasonal official campaign rankings, and a Grand League & Open Grand League happening two times a year." Naw, you'll find me roaring through three consecutive loop-de-loops and driving on the walls over chasms.

Trackmania is coming to Uplay and the Epic Games Store on July 1st.

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