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Trackmania Royal mode would like some of that Fall Guys action

And it's out now

The more Trackmania games are released, the more I forget that Trackmania exists. I had even forgotten that the most recently was called, simply, Trackmania.

Perhaps my increasing apathy is what prompted the creation of Trackmania Royal mode, which adds spinning pads on plastic platforms which knock you into water, and which looks a lot like Fall Guys.

Here's the trailer from tonight's Ubisoft Forward pre-show:

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As a set of additions to the game, I'm into it. Royal mode is designed for team play, where the last team standing is the winner. It adds bouncy water, plastic blocks, animated items (which I'm surprised to realise it didn't have already), and a summery theme of track parts to build with.

Individually, great. As a combination, yeah, it seems a lot like Fall Guys when you see cars edging their way around spinning wheels. I don't really begrudge that, either: Trackmania has always been great, and ultimately a physics game about getting to the end of an obstacle course, and I welcome whatever brings it greater success.

Trackmania Royal is available to play now via the free Trackmania Starter Access, and Trackmania itself is available from Uplay.

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