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Train Station Renovation is freshly renovated and out now

Parp parp!

If fancy somewhere new and exciting to clean after six months tidying your flat day after day after day, Train Station Renovation might do it for you. It's a game about fixing stations up to be all shiny and new, clearing away rubbish, filth, satanic shrines, and graffiti, fixing machinery, replacing furniture and fittings, and redecorating. It's more like the canned cleanup of House Flipper than the physics-simulated chaos of Viscera Cleanup Detail, which isn't what I'm personally after, but I know our Alice Bee dug it. Today, after five months in early access, the game has launched in full.

"At time of writing, I remain mostly baffled by this game, and consequently am a fan of it," Alice said in April. We then sent Steve Hogarty in with a brush for an early access review and he was weirdly charmed too, coming away calling it "a tempting trapdoor for a tired mind, a long slide into the comforting numbness of routine, a tiny sample of the void served to you on a cocktail stick by a smiling lady at the end of a supermarket aisle."

The launch update has brought five new maps, giving us jobs at a swampy station, an alpine cable car terminal, a tunnel in a forest, a train yard, and an Underground station. It also adds the ability to paint trains as well as station floors and ceilings, new cheevos, and other bits. No full patch notes yet, though.

Train Station Renovation is out now on Steam, with a 20% launch discount bringing it down to £9.11/€9.99/$11.99. You can find a demo over there too. The store page does say they plan to support it with patches, new content, and mod support after launch.

It's made by Live Motion Games and, like so many other oddball 'simulator' games these days, published by PlayWay. Everything from Autopsy Simulator to Chernobyl Liquidators Simulator, PlayWay are on it.

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