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Trash Sailors is a co-op raft ride through troubled waters

Ahoy there!

Like a lad's day out to Margate gone wrong, Trash Sailors will send you and your pals out on a raft to face threats you're woefully unprepared for. Drifting through swamps, between icebergs, and over sunken cities, up to four fools will be trying to dodge obstacles, fend off attackers, gather passing salvage, craft gear, repair holes, and generally not get eaten by crocodiles, robosharks, or trashkrakens. I see bits of Raft, bits of Don't Starve, shooty bits, and certainly a nice hand-drawn style.

So. Sail the raft around obstacles. Throw your hook to gather trash. Process it for resources for crafting and repairs. Shoot enemies. Whack enemies. Avoid traps. And all that all at the same time, all crowded onto a diddy raft. It'll have local and online co-op for up to four players, or singleplayer if you'd rather. The proof is in the playing but in theory, yeah, I'm up for these antics with my pals.

Trash Sailors is coming to Steam later this year. The game has been floating around for a while, and now publishers TinyBuild have announced they're helping it home. They threw a load more videos overboard too. Here's a full nine minutes of wet foolishness:

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