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Action-RPG-y Minecraftbut Trove Launched

Voxels ho!

If you fancy a game that's like Minecraft but action-RPG-y, perhaps have a gander at Trove [official site]. After a stretch of open beta, Rift developers Trion Worlds released their own Minecraftbut this week. It's like Minecraft but more of an AMMORPG (as we agreed we should refer to MMO action-RPGs), with character classes, abilities, dungeons, loot, and so on.

It's free to play, available from its site.

Trove does also have the nice touch of letting folks build a 'Cornerstone' home base that will travel with them from world to world. Beyond that, yeah, it's a voxely online world with crafting and building and killing and friends. It's more like a conventional MMO with its classes and dungeons than many Minecraftbuts.

With the game now launched, Trion are plotting what's next. Their plans for Trove include PvP, more biomes, new and bigger monsters to fight, expanding the economy, and a Mac client.

Monetisation-wise, it sells things like fancy mounts, character classes, costumes, and whatnot.

Here, have a launch trailer:

Watch on YouTube

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