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Tune Into Football Manager 2014's Classic Mode

Pitch perfect?

I am busy lazy man, so I don't always have the time to simulate the life of another person and take on that person's job and be good at it. I'm basically the person that Football Manager 2014's classic mode is aimed at: it streamlines the manager's duties, focusing on tactics and transfers, and not bothering about the consistency of the gravy on the pies or making sure that the wind swirling around the stadium moves in a clockwise direction. Things are going to be a bit more involved in 2014, but it'll still be a swiftly steered season of soccer, and the video states that it's possible to enjoy a full season of the game in one evening. How? It has a wizard!

No, not that kind of wizard. It's a match planning system for when you're in a super-hurry and want to instant resolve a game: you tell the players how you want them to react to scenarios that occur in a match with a series of pull-down menus. You can save those plans for other games, which means I'll definitely be seeing what happens when you use one plan for every game. Tweaks to scouting, training, and transfers speed your decisions along so you can focus on the pitch. It seems like quite an overhaul.

It'll be out on Oct 31st

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