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Stomp-o! Turok 2 remaster coming in March

Lock on your Cerebral Bore

It's still weird to me that the company behind the revival and resumption of System Shock is also giving us re-releases of games like Turok 2: Seeds of Evil [official site] but hey, that's the rich tapestry of the 1990s. Now Nightdive have announced that they'll release the remaster of Iguana Entertainment's 1997 shooter on March 16th. This is Turok 2 expanded and rebuilt in a new engine, which means that yes, the claustrophobic distance fog has lifted. See for yourself in this new trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

This release of Turok 2 is rebuilt inside Kex 3.4, an engine created by Samuel Villarreal. He now works for Nightdive but started unofficially porting Turok before they secured the rights. Villarreal's other projects include Doom64 EX and work on the remastered Strife: Veteran Edition, also brought into Kex.

Say what you will about Turok 2 -- that it was just okay but elevated by debuting on a console short of FPSs, that its platforming was terrible, that it's mostly remembered for having the very most '90s of guns -- there's no denying it had the very most '90s of guns: the Cerebral Bore. Lock onto an enemy, fire, then watch a rocket-powered drill bore into their noggin, pump blood out their forehead, then explode. And though Turok 2 was just okay, ah, that awful whirring of the Bore still echoes in the back of my head, waiting to explode and get me out of this.

Turok 2 is coming via Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store on March 16th.

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