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Dinos, Right: Turok 2 Remaster Due "When It's Done"

Rather than doing the obvious thing and crossing over with Star Trek to create Tuvok: Dinoborg Hunter, the next stage in the story of the none-more-90s shooter series is to tart up Turok 2. Turok 1 got the slap'n'tickle treatment not too long ago, but devout Turok Fans - no, let's not judge - are holding out for the bigger, multiplayer-endowed sequel, Seeds Of Evil. Veteran remasterer-uppers Night Dive, who've also been giving System Shock a lick of paint lately, are on the case.

I only just realised: the same studio is responsible for remastering both the smartest and the dumbest shooters of the arse-end of the 20th century. Huh. Outrageous and noble all at once.

Night Dive aren't giving away too many details, although we can make a safe bet as to what to expect given that their Turok 1 take was a spit'n'polish aimed primarily at modern OS-support and higher resolutions rather than an extensive do-over.

Say Night Dive, in an announcement on the Turok Steam page, "In our quest to bring you the most authentic experience at the highest quality level available we've decided to give Turok 2 the love it deserves and release the game 'when it's done.'"

Another 90s shooter nod for you there...

Whether that implies it'll look better or if maximum authenticity is the biggest deal I'm really not sure. I have only the most distant memories of Turok 2. I remember its levels seeing to be very large and very misty, and that's about it.

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