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Turok Remastered To Look Like Turok, Out Thurs

This or Star Wars?

It's a good job they're not actually calling this Turok Remastered, because, er, well, it isn't, is it? I don't know how high your expectations were for Night Dive's spit'n'polished version of the none-more-90s dino-shooting FPS were, but if they were somewhere in the region of "pretty much the same but a bit less blocky" then you won't be unhappy. Anyone holding out for ultro-shiny normal mapped cyber-dinos will be glum, however.

All of sudden, it's out on Thursday, and you can see what it looks like below.

Are you ready to be BLOWN AWAY by the RADNESS? Can you HANDLE the MAYHEM? Hold TIGHT for the OUT OF THIS WORLD graphics!

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Well, that's Turok alright. Night Dive- perhaps best known for recently detangling System Shock 2 rights and getting on with their own remake of the first in that series - have told Eurogamer that this is a 'restoration' of Turok's long-off-sale PC version, not a port of the N64 edition.

While what we see above looks very much as though it fell off the nearest PlayStation One, in fact the geriatric thunder lizard-botherer has been augmented with HD and widescreen support, anti-aliasing, dynamic lighting, bloom, FXAA, enhanced water effects, lights shafts and verticaly sync, plus key rebinding options. Clearly, there's only so much you can do to something quite this aged if you're not going to go redo the graphics from scratch, though.

I'll never say no to a cyber-dino, but it's hard not to feel this is perhaps a nostalgic lurch too far. Then again, Night Dive are on about eventually making a new Turok of their own - in addition to restoring Turok 2 - so I guess this is as much about getting ducks in a row and the name back out there as anything else.

Turok will be out on GOG, Humble, and Steam - complete with cheevos - this Thursday, 17th December. Which makes that particular day quite a day for sci-fi nostalgia, eh?

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