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Twister (Don't Worry, Not The Movie)

Here's a game for all you wannabe tornados. Just admit it - you really do want to be one.

Twister is a peculiar and sweet little game about destroying a small rural town and all its inhabitants, through the power of spinny wind. Controlling the spiral of puff, you must collect (suck up) the items the game instructs, cycling through buildings, trees, vehicles, wildlife, and of course, people (who seem very happy to be picked up, cheering as they go). But rather than a mad dash to vacuum it all up as fast you can, Twister is a game of budgeting, making sure you maintain your more limited resources so you'll have some left later on for refilling the time meter. It might be lots of fun to hoover an entire field of pigs, or all the football players and their crowd at once, but what will you have for dessert, eh?

Very quick, very simple, and surprisingly distracting - it's the wind funnel simulator you've all been waiting for.

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