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Two Worlds 2 Is Too Pretty

Ah, Two Worlds - the comically-translated RPG that malicious types (like me) could describe as the poor man's Oblivion. Or perhaps the drunken madman's Oblivion. It was utter nonsense in so many ways, but hard to dislike - it had a certain just-getting-on-with-it factor that its peers lacked, and offered no small amount of unintentional belly laughs. Also, you could improve your weapons by bolting weapons of the same type onto 'em, which was a fun way around the usual loot fixation.

A sequel's on its way, and the first screenshots of it are out. RPS' initial reaction was to cry bullshot, but a chum who saw it in action at Leipzig assures us that these are the genyooine article. More pics'n'words beneath the cut.

(Click for big'uns)

Really really good-looking, no? Also seems as though Two Worlds will shrug off its fairly stereotypical high fantasy approach in favour of something a little more ostentatious this time around. I quite fancy being chased through the jungle by velociraptors. And in the game.

Reportedly this sequel - subtitled The Temptation - will have proper writing and acting. Which is almost a shame. Here's Jim explaining why, back in the mists of RPS-time. Fortunately, this picture gives me hope that The Temptation will be as ridiculous as its predecessor:

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