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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is free to keep this weekend

Pit 1000 Vikings against a single powerful Penguin, for free!

If you fancy killing some time by making 10,000 chickens fight an army of Roman soldiers, or perhaps pitting 45,000 Perisians against 300 ogres in a canyon, then I have good news for you. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is free for keeps this weekend. It's a big sandbox simulation where you just make random factions fight to see who wins. That's it - and it's pretty great.

Brendy (RPS in peace) did an early access review of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator a few years ago - except he didn't really review it so much as he just orchestrated a bunch of weird wars. I don't want to describe the wars either, because then that would spoil the outcomes. Instead I will tantalise you with a Buzzfeed-like headline: "1000 Vikings fought a single immensely powerful Penguin, you won't BELIEVE what happened next."

Watch on YouTube

The very same Brendy also says Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is one of the best RTS games for beginners. I would tend to agree, I don't even like RTS stuff usually but the silly fights of UEBS are always entertaining to watch.

Grab the game yourself for 100% off on Steam right now. It's free until February 1st at 6pm GMT (10am PT).

Developers Brilliant Game Studios tease in the freebie announcement that they also have some "epic" news to share later today, at 6pm GMT (10am PT). They say that it has nothing to do with the Epic Store, though it probably has something to do with this vague video they released a couple of a weeks ago.

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