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Club a penguin: Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator out of early access

Battle royale

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator [Steam page], that game where you can stage a fight between five Spartan warriors and 10,000 chickens, has bashed its way out of early access.

UEBS is basically a sandbox for you to play out your fantasy battles: pick two ridiculous armies and let them whack each other until one of them is no more. You can tweak the stats of the combatants to make it a fair fight or, as Brendan did, create an immensely powerful penguin that can slay 1,000 Vikings.

Brendan thought that it was "hundreds of times more limited than a real strategy game", but as a tool to create insane brawls it just about hit the mark.

The launch update taking out of early access has added ragdoll physics, new maps, and new units including elf huntresses and German soldiers.

The full release has definitely arrived earlier than I expected — I thought more features would be added before it emerged from early access, and judging by the Steam reviews a lot of others did as well. It's crying out for mod support, which could massively broaden the scope. Modding and Steam Workshop support are planned for later.

Having said that, there's definitely fun to be had here (I wonder how many turtles it takes to kill one Roman soldier?), and it's already amassed a decent player base.  If you want to join them then it's £10.79/14,39€/$14.39 on Steam, and that includes a 10% discount that ends on Thursday.

Here's the release trailer, featuring lots of zombies in running shoes:

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