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Go On A Head: Ultra Hat Dimension


Do you like hats? I like hats. Hats with stars, hats with bows, hats with wings, even witch's hats. Contrary to how it may at first sound, Ultra Hat Dimension [official site] is not a washed up European trance DJ duo, but is an excellent puzzle game that features all of the aforementioned head dressings. And Spluffs - incessantly grinning Pac Man-ghost-like beings how go around punching folk. And it has a demo. Intrigued? Me too!

Right, so what's going on then? Well, protagonist Bea has just won the Spluff Kingdom annual hat design competition, obviously, and is the first "otherworlder" to do so. The Spluffs, we're told, are usually a friendly bunch but now for reasons unknown seem to be acting up. By acting up, I mean punching you in the coupon with an over-sized boxing glove and shouting "Pow!", should you wander in front of their paths. Simple, really:

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Sometimes, if you don the same hat as a corresponding Spluff they'll pay you no mind. You can wander by, collect keys and beat levels with little worry at all. Even better, in other occasions sporting coordinating headgear lets you request Spluffs kindly move out of your way to which, because of your hat and not your pleasant demeanor, they kindly oblige. Later levels will have you mixing and matching hats more often than a runway model as you desire to reach the level's end, during which times you might, gasp, pit the Spluffs against one another. It's great fun and as the trailer above points out, it's fully-moddable.

A demo for Ultra Hat Dimension is up on Itch, where you can also buy it $4.99.

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