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Ultra-Spider-Man: Just Cause 2

I uttered "oh come on" at least four times during this footage of the sequel to Avalanches' gloriously stupid GTA-with-a-parachute sandbox actioner. But they were, I assure you, happy "oh come ons". Just Cause 2 clearly intends to push plausibility far past breaking point, turning hero Rico into a fully-fledged superhero who can do whatever a spider can, but without the fruity suit and restrictive moral code. Take a gander at his absurd parachute and grappling hook skills below. Grappling a moving plane while in free-fall! He's some guy, that Rico. Some guy.

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That'll do. That'll do. There is a genuine sense of escalation to a lot of this year's E3 games. Of course, we're all pretty well guarded against the hype vampires these days, but given we're several years into the lifespan of the current console generation - which, for better or worse, does dictate an awful lot of what we get on PC - these promises have to be based at least partly on reality, not on wishful thinking about the power of future-consoles. If Just Cause 2 really can pull off the spectacular free-form carnage it's suggesting, it could be a surprise action classic.

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