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Upcoming RPG The Waylanders introduces 12 possible pets for your fantasy rangers

Obviously you should choose the bear, though

Upcoming Celtic-inspired RPG The Waylanders has announced some new members of the party. Ranger class characters will have the ability to choose between a total of twelve possible animal partners. Predictable RPG choices like wolves and bears are joined by a few less-obvious friends like jay birds and rabbits. I don't know if I'd rely on a bunny during a battle, personally, but go off, Gato Studio.

Gato started off with a couple screenshots showing three possible animals for their rangers to pair up with: a rabbit, boar, and deer. They've floated the full list now, and I find myself amused by the variety. You'll also be able to choose a dog, wolf, bear, raven, jay, panther, spider, dragon, or drake. Obviously bears are the only right choice for companions though.

Mostly, Gato describe each animal with a quick couple words on their obvious features. Talons, jaws, and the like. They do let on that wolves have attacks that can heal themselves, an interesting choice. They mention spiders having prickly webs, suggesting that rangers may be able to use those particularly horrific friends for their crowd control abilities. Interesting as well that dragons and drakes both make the list. I'm pretty sure that dragon-liking folks get annoyed when you mix them up with drakes and wyverns so good on ya for that, Gato.

Speaking of dragons, The Waylanders has been proudly wearing its Dragon Age inspiration on its sleeve, for better or worse. I remain a little bit skeptical that the party-based RPG will climb the throne it pledges fealty to after the somewhat cheesy bants in its most recent story trailer. I'm willing to be wrong though, since I'll not be playing Dragon Age 4 'till who knows when regardless.

The Waylanders is planning to reveal more info during the IGN Expo, one of this summer's many not-E3 events. Be aware that IGN have delayed the start date of their week of livestreams, now beginning Monday, June 8th instead of this Thursday.

Ta, PC Gamer.

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