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Valheim Bronze: how to make Bronze tools and equipment in Valheim

Here's how to make Bronze in Valheim

Wondering how to make and use Bronze in Valheim? Bronze is a valuable crafting resource in this survival sandbox and you'll need to start making it before too long if you want to continue progressing through the ages and unlocking new and more powerful equipment. Our Valheim Bronze guide will show you exactly how to make Bronze and what you can do with it once you've got your hands on this important metal.

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How to make Bronze in Valheim

To make Bronze, you need to craft it out of 2 Copper and 1 Tin at a Forge. You can find both Copper and Tin veins in the Black Forest biome. For more details check out our guides on Copper and Tin.

Here's how to craft a Forge if you're unsure:

  • 6x Copper
  • 10x Wood
  • 4x Stone
  • 4x Coal
A Valheim screenshot of a Forge placed inside a house, with the player looking down at it.
A screenshot of a Forge in Valheim. The Forge is required to make Bronze out of Copper and Tin.

Bronze is a mid-game resource in Valheim that doesn't spawn naturally in deposits like Iron does, so you'll have to make Bronze yourself.

Copper and Tin Ore are not hard to come by, but smelting them takes time, so you'll need lots of Surtling Cores to make Smelters and Charcoal Kilns to speed up the process of making Bronze.

What can you make with Bronze?

Once you've started to combine Copper and Tin into Bronze, you'll gain access to a great many new crafting possibilities. One of the first things you should make is the Bronze Pickaxe, which mines rocks and ores faster than the standard Antler Pickaxe.

You can also start to make Bronze weapons, which as a rule are stronger than the non-metal weapons you'll have made at this stage of the game. You'll also be able to craft the Bronze Armor Set, which offers more protection than previous armor tiers.

That wraps up this quick guide on how to make Bronze in Valheim. If you're still figuring out the basics of Valheim you may want to take a look at our Valheim tips and tricks page, which is filled with useful information and links to all our other Valheim guides.

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