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Valheim Tin: how to find Tin Ore and what it is used for

Learn how to find Tin Ore deposits in Valheim

Looking for where to find Tin in Valheim? Tin Ore is an essential resource in Valheim as it allows players to progress beyond simple Stone and Flint tools. Like many survival games, the only way to acquire Tin is to mine it. Learn exactly how to find Tin Ore deposits in Valheim, how to mine it, and what you can make out of refined Tin Ingots.

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Where to find Tin Ore deposits in Valheim

Tin Ore is a very important resource for players who have proven themselves against the first boss, Eikthyr, and are looking to progress into the Bronze era of equipment.

You can find Tin Ore deposits on the shore in the Black Forest - one of the major biomes covering the Valheim map. Unlike Copper deposits, Tin Ore is found in small rocks with silvery veins running through them.

They can be a little hard to spot, but they're actually fairly common on the shores of Black Forest biomes so you're likely to spot multiple Tin Ore deposits clustered together.

Black Forests are guarded primarily by Greydwarfs, Skeletons, and Trolls - but because they are usually found deeper in the Black Forest rather than on the shore, finding and harvesting Tin Ore should be a fairly safe activity.

A Valheim screenshot of a Tin Ore deposit in the water.
A Tin Ore deposit. You can find them dotted about the shores of Black Forest biomes, sometimes even in the water.

How to mine Tin

You can mine Tin from these deposits using an Antler Pickaxe. To learn what you need to craft an Antler Pickaxe, be sure to check out our Valheim Pickaxe guide.

Each Tin deposits is used up fairly quickly, giving you just a few pieces of Tin Ore each. But as mentioned previously, you're likely to find multiple deposits close together on Black Forest shores. Remember that Tin Ore weighs a lot, and like other metals such as Copper and Iron, you can transport them through Valheim's Portals.

What is Tin used for?

To smelt Tin Ore into more useful Tin Ingots, you'll need a Smelter. You can make a Smelter out of 20x Stone and 5x Surtling Cores. If you're unsure what Surtling Cores are, you can find them inside Burial Chambers and other early Dungeons in the Meadows and Black Forest biomes.

With a Smelter that is fuelled by sufficient amounts of Coal (2 Coal for every Ingot), you can smelt Tin Ore into Tin Ingots. On their own, Tin Ingots can be used to craft a Cauldron which unlocks mead bases and expands your horizons when it comes to food.

But the main use for Tin is to combine it with Copper in order to forge Bronze - the first major metal that you can use at the Forge to craft new and stronger tools, weapons, and armor. Learn everything you can make by perusing our guide on how to make Bronze in Valheim.

That wraps up this quick guide to finding and mining Tin deposits in Valheim. If you're in need of more general guidance, why not consult our tips and tricks guide?For more information on all the new gear that awaits you in this exciting next chapter of your journey, be sure to check out our guides on the best Valheim weapons and best Valheim armor on offer.

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