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Valheim has added a hot tub for Vikings to unwind

The Home & Hearth update is out now

Trying to survive in purgatory isn't easy, having to hunt and build and craft everything you need to slay mighty mythical beasts. Thankfully, the Vikings of Valheim can now relax with their pals in a hot tub, one of many fancy household items added in the 'Home & Hearth' early access update today. Sure sure it brings new weapons and new creatures and balance changes and things too, but: hot tub!

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The update's name is a big clue to its contents: lots of homemaking goodies. You can build with new Darkwood pieces including shingle roofs, beams, and decorations, as well as crystal walls. You can fancy up your home with newness including a stone throne, iron gates, treasure chests, a hot tub, and stacks and piles of coins. You can expand your culinary life with 12 new recipes (including... Eyescream? oh no) and cooking implements like the oven, spike rack, butcher table, and pots and pans. You can expand your garden by growing birch, oak, and onions. Or you can go the opposite of creation, and build an Obliterator to outright annihilate items. I suppose a magical bin is helpful at home too.

The update fiddles with bits too. Weapons have been rebalanced with the aim to make them all "more viable as main weapon and also have more unique playstyles". Blocking has been tweaked too. You can also now name tamed critters. Different food types tend to boost particular stats now, making them more varied. And, uh, if you wanna clear your tummy's buff bar, you can scoff some pukeberries to forcibly empty it.

There's more. See the Home & Hearth patch notes for the official list, though they're a bit vague.

Valheim has a 20% discount on Steam to celebrate the update's launch, bringing it down to £12.39/€13.43/$15.99 until Monday.

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