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Valheim's Hearth & Home update will also add giant, luxurious gold piles

And treasure chests, if letting your coins lay around isn't secure enough

The next major update for viking craft 'em up Valheim is still being cooked up in the kitchen, but it's starting to smell just about done. Iron Gate have previously revealed several new foods and tasty cooking stations, but now they're taking us down into the cellar. That's right, iron cells, treasure chests, and giant piles of gold are also getting thrown in the Hearth & Home pot when the update lands this autumn.

Iron Gate have returned with another quick update on Hearth & Home progress. They've previously served up some details on the very hearth-y elements of the H&H update such as new building pieces, cooking stations, foods, and more. That's all well and good, but what is it that turns your cozy little shack into a proper home? Treasure, of course.

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As seen up top there, Iron Gate have shown off some snazzy new craftable decor. If your chests are getting too full of gold coins, you'll be able to store them right on the ground in tidy stacks or sloppy, dragon-like piles.

You can also spot a new type of storage chest up there, the black and silver treasure chests which Iron Gate say are "to keep your additional excess wealth and supplies safe". They don't elaborate on that point, but at a guess that may mean you'll be able to lock them somehow to keep your goodies safe from your co-op pals. Or perhaps they don't break as easily when attacked by invading baddies.

We're set to find out for sure before too much longer. Iron Gate say that they're still on track to bring Hearth & Home to the game "this very quarter". After that, they've said that the spooky Mistalnds are next up on the to-do list. Here's what we know so far about the Mistlands biome.

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