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Valheim is in early access now with boats, bosses, building

Set in a procedurally generated purgatory, much like real life

Yesterday we named viking survival 'em up Valheim as one of the most interesting games releasing this month. And now: it has released. It's out now in Steam Eearly Access and there's a new trailer below.

I'm a little tired of survival games, and games that brag about being "brutal", but I like the look of this. Valheim is set in a "procedurally-generated purgatory inspired by viking culture", according to its Steam description, and the loop of boss fights and house building is intriguing. Particularly when you seem to be able to build castles, and the bosses are big brutes swinging tree trunks at you.

Plus, boats. I like boats.

Valheim's developers say that the game already contains most of its core features in some form, but they plan to keep it in early access for "at least one year". They've also laid out a vague content roadmap for 2021, which mentions planned updates to homes, boats, a new biome, and a bunch more "if Odin wills it".

You can play Valheim alone or with up to 9 friends by getting it on Steam for £15.49/$20/€16.79. Or, if you want to see the other games we think might be worth your attention in February, watch this:

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