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Valheim mod adds a grappling hook so I can fulfil my Attack On Titan fantasy

Definitely one way of Armin up

I've always struggled with stamina bar management in viking survival game Valheim. Often I'll hoof it away from Trolls, almost immediately run out of puff, then get right-hooked into oblivion. But I will have this problem no longer, as there's a new Attack On Titan-inspired mod which lets me latch onto monsters with a grappling hook and swing at their napes.

An industrious viking by the name of "DickDangerJustice" has created a Valheim mod called "Attack On Valheim", that adds a grappling hook to the game. Fire it at an enemy and you'll warp onto their backs, opening them up for a few slashes to the neck. It's inspired by the manga Attack On Titan, which sees a group of hardy teenagers use gas-propelled grapples to hook onto huge man-eating titans, and carve them open.

You can watch Attack On Valheim in action below, complete with suitably epic AoT music and plenty of boss spoilers - stop watching after 30 seconds to avoid them.

Cover image for YouTube videoAttack on Valheim

Once you've installed the mod, the grappling hook will be craftable at a basic workbench. And despite being a high-tech piece of kit, all you'll need to make it is a single deerhide. It's also imbued with a couple of handy features: any monsters you've mounted won't target you, and fall damage is disabled when it's in your inventory.

This mod only seems to work on monsters for now, and DickDangerJustice acknowledges that there could be plenty of bugs. Still, I'm just happy I can live out my fantasy of becoming a budget Levi from AoT.

Now I just need a mod that'll let me turn into a flesh-coloured troll, probably the closest I could get to a Titan from AoT. Once that's out, then maybe a PVP server which lets troll-titans fight budget Levis? I'm not asking much.

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