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Valheim player discovers cart waterskiing because physics is a lie

It's also a cargo trick, but I just want viking watersports

So, what did you folks get up to in viking craft 'em up Valheim this weekend? My pals and I went on several excursions to the mountains so we could finally gear up with frost arrows for our Bonemass fight. Now I've shown up on Monday to find out that some other, much cooler vikings have gone out for a day on the water and invented water skiing. Of course they have.

I'll apologize on behalf of this poster for the quality of the video. It's worth witnessing despite that, though.

from r/valheim

Oh, and someone else added music.

If you've not gotten your sea legs in Valheim just yet, you may rightfully be confused about what the hellheim is going on here. One player is driving a cart, which floats in water. You can swim with it, but you'll drown pretty quickly doing that. Instead, another player has shot the cart driver with a harpoon and is using it to tow them along behind a longship. Miraculously, this doesn't drown the driver since they're not technically swimming.

Do make sure you've got your PvP damage setting turned off before you try this on your own server, folks. I'll have no workplace safety violations on my watch, thank you.

Aside from looking like a badass, the practical benefit to dragging your pals across the water is for mass transportation of goods. Since valuable ores for crafting tools can't be conveniently carried by portal, you've got to load up carts and ships to get them home. Longships may have a pretty decent amount of storage space, but a cart will double your available slots.

That's all well and good but I'd be lying if I said I were practical. What I want to see is an elaborate waterskiing course. Do you suppose a cart could get some air if you built a couple sets coming out of the water?

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