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Valheim Plus mod adds convenient tweaks and precision building options

Build mode snapping woes no more

Viking crafting adventure Valheim is all the raiding party rage right now, meaning just about everyone has opinions on which of its crafing and survival features are swell and which are a pain. The developers have plans to add features and tweaks during early access, but modders have already begun digging into it too. Valehim Plus is one of the biggest of the bunch right now, a mod that bundles together a good handful of convenience tweaks along with some extra precision building tools.

One of the best benefits, for my money, is the shared map system. I've been hosting a world for several pals and have alreday run into disappointment when finding out that they can't see explored parts of the map I've wandered off to without them. Would be mighty nice if they could see my adventures since I'm the resident obsessive fog of war clearer. You'll just need to be online at the same time and have your position shared with other players for it to work.

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Valheim Plus's advanced building mode and advanced editing mode look like huge benefits too. The build mode tools let you place build objects with much higher precision by moving and rotating along any axis you want. The advanced editing mode allows you to move build mode items around without destroying them first. That's a big sigh of relief for me as well. I don't want to talk about how many times I've destroyed my bed just to move it three feet and then forgotten to claim it as my respawn point after.

There are several other tweaks worth checking out like changing the speed materials are processed at, removing the restriction on teleporting items, and changing the weight or stack size of items so you can haul more at once.

You can find Valheim Plus over on Nexus Mods along with instructions for installing it for your local or server world. You can enable and disable mod features independantly, the creator says, meaning you can pick and choose which changes you like and which you don't need.

If you're not quite ready for mods yet but are scratching your head over the finer points of raising your first base, do check out RPS's Valheim building tips.

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