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Valheim teases its upcoming Hearth and Home update and troll makeovers

What's hidden in this very tiny teaser?

Viking craft 'em up Valheim is continuing along in early access with tweaks and updates, but there are some bigger changes on the horizon too. Iron Gate have previously mentioned their planned Hearth And Home update, which they've just given a very tiny teaser for. A couple of Valheim's bosses, and its trolls, are all getting a visual makeover too.

In addition to bug fixes, Iron Gate let on a bit about their enemy visual updates. "Some other things that we have worked on are graphical updates to the troll, the second boss, and the third boss to give their old models some new fresh looks, and have their designs better fall in line with how we envision the enemies of Valheim," they say.

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They haven't given away the details on the dark forest and swamp bosses, so those we'll have to find ourselves when they're added. For the troll though, you can try to spot the difference yourself up above. Iron Gate say trolls have more hair now which, ah yes, I don't think they had chest hair before, did they? Your favorite blue pals also now have gnarlier nails and more defined muscles. Visual changes to those enemies are coming in the next patch, they say.

Another thing that Iron Gate didn't specifically spoil is their Hearth And Home update. They've referred to it previously in their 2021 roadmap for the early access game, but haven't gotten into details just yet.

One of their teaser images here looks a bit like water in a ravine. The other image shows's a character's feet standing in front of what could be a new kind of throne. There's also something gold and shiny in the top left corner. As is the way with teasers, it's precious little to go on at the moment. What do you suppose we're looking at?

It will be a little while yet before we find out though. "Instead of rushing it, we want to let it take the time it needs to get in a state that we’re happy with," Iron Gate say in their development update post. "We know that you’re all very eager for the update to release (as are we) so we thank you so much for the patience you’re showing!"

In the meantime, Valheim continues to get other incremental updates. Earlier this week, Iron Gate also made an update to Valheim's terrain system so things would run smoother.

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