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Valheim's frost caves are now open for spelunking

Along with Steam Deck and controller support

Viking survival saga Valheim gets even chillier today as players gain access to some mysterious ice caves up in the mountains. Apparently, there's something howling out there? Probably a friendly dog trying to say hello and absolutely nothing to worry about. The patch also optimises for Steam Deck and controller support, perfect for when you want to get cosy in your bed before spelunking into the frosty depths searching for your definitely friendly new companion.

Down in the caves there's all sorts of treasure to uncover in the form of new content. Enemies, armour, weapons - you know, cave stuff. If you want a full breakdown of everything that's been added, you can find the patch notes over on Valheim's Steam page.

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As well as fresh content, the update comes with a handful of fixes and quality of life improvements. For example, players will now be able to pause in single player, perfect for when you just know there's a mean ol' beastie around the corner but something from real life distracts you. The Vikings didn't have to deal with the phone ringing, you know. On the other hand, they didn't have full controller support, which Valheim now does. So maybe count your blessings after all.

Also, to celebrate their first anniversary since the game launched in early access, developers Iron Gate have added a drinking horn. So after you go down into the caves and definitely find nothing scary or weird, you can celebrate your victory in style. Skål!

The developers are also still teasing content for the upcoming Mistlands biome, this time with a rather snazzy looking bronze-scaled hare. It looks very wise with its little beard. I would take advice from this hare.

They shared some more information on all that back at the beginning of February to kick off their birthday celebrations. I love a good month-long birthday bash.

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