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Valiance Online Opens Pre-Alpha Spandex People Testing

Superhero MMORPG

Superheroes never die. They just switch MMOs. City of Heroes might have been reduced to a bittersweet memory, but you might find some of that old glory in Valiance Online's open pre-alpha test phase, which happily does not require you to sign NDAs in your blood. This upcoming MMORPG is set at the tail end of the 21st century, where spandex-clad superpeople roam free-range through the fictional city of San Cielo.

Valiance Online sparkles with all of the necessary staples, including the goofy poses characteristic of the genre. ("Hello! I am Red Man" - *jauntily position hands on hips* - "and I have come to save your city!") The open game world is purportedly in a state of constant evolution and will be connected to character choices. There will also be a veritable cornucopia of costumes, zones, and customization options for your powers. In between swinging through skyscrapers and blasting fireballs, you’ll also be able to engage in everyone's favorite secondary activity: decentralized capitalism.

Although manned by a group of gung-ho volunteers, the Powers That Be messing around behind the creative curtain are veterans from a wide variety of industries. Not only does it feature alumni from Bethesda, Turbine, Disney, it also contains from NASA and Coca-cola? Say what? Developers SilverHelm Studios are a small team for such an ambitious game, mind, and trying to crowdfund certain development goals with donations. City of Titans is another hope for CoH fans, having raised almost $700,00 on Kickstarter last year. Here's a peek at Valiance Online:

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