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Valve are holding a virtual Steam Deck conference today

Come for some deep dives on the Deck's tech

Valve are holding a Steamworks Virtual Conference later today, where Steam Deck developers will talk about hardware, development and all sorts of techy details. It's a developer-focused event, but it's free for everyone to watch, so if you're interested in hearing some behind-the-scenes details about Valve's handheld PC, it might be worth tuning in.

The stream starts at 6pm GMT (10am PST), and will run until around 11pm GMT (3pm PST). You can catch it on the Steam Community website, where you can also see the entire schedule.

Watch on YouTube

After some chat about how game devs can get their games running on the handheld, Steam Deck designers will be giving an overview of the device's hardware, explaining how and why they made it the way they did.

Following that, there'll be sections discussing how usual Steam features work on the Steam Deck, as well as new features specifically designed for the Deck. Then towards the end, there's a live Q&A that Steamworks developers can ask questions for.

Elsewhere in Steam Deck news, the handheld's release has been delayed until February 2022. It was supposed to come out this December, but Valve said they're having problems with material shortages and "global supply chain issues".

If you're after some more Deck deep dives, our hardware editor James recently spoke to Valve about their Steam Deck compatibility review programme, their plan to make it clear to players which game will be able to run (and run effectively) on the Steam Deck.

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