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Valve have pushed back Artifact beta to November

Skip your turn

Valve’s Dota-based card game Artifact is due out November 28th, but it seems that its beta has been pushed back from this month to the second half of November. Specifically, it’s been re-scheduled for the 19th, but somewhat tentatively.

Those who have received beta keys, which were given out at various in-person events and via social media, have been sharing emails they’ve received from Valve on Reddit. The company says that they “have a bit more work to do before letting everyone in,” and “right now we’re planning for [the beta] to happen on November 19,” which does leave the possibility of moving the date open.

As noted by PC Gamer, Artifact’s Twitter account used to list the beta date as “October” in its bio, but has now removed reference to it entirely.

Some were hoping that the practice they could put in before others had access would help them to understand the cards and the fledgling meta, giving them an advantage when the game releases in full. With just nine days now expected between beta and launch, that potential has been cut down significantly.

Still, for those who are invested enough to want in on the beta, it seems it'll be worth the wait. In our Artifact preview, Austin Wood said that "it's a niche and complex game that won’t appeal to everyone," but that "the infrastructure Valve has laid out is promising" when it comes to fair pricing and ensuring a diverse meta.

The developers say that Artifact is still scheduled to launch on November 28th. And yes, someone has already updated the Valve Time wiki page.

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