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Valve shows off Steam Deck's case and final packaging

The last prototype before production

The Steam Deck has been delayed until February 2022, but a new update from Valve says that they've now completed their final prototype of the handheld PC before it enters full production.

They're now sending out a new wave of dev kits to creators, and as part of that they're also testing their final packaging. That includes the neat-looking case pictured above.

Every version of the 64GB and 256GB Steam Deck comes with the case pictured above. As someone who bought a separate case like this for my Nintendo Switch, I appreciate that the Deck wil come one.

There are other photos through on the post showing the rest of the packaging.

*My* games will be going to my couch, where I shall play them while lying down.

With the Steam Deck only a couple months away, we now know a lot about it. Katharine spoke to its makers about its innards. James spoke to Valve about the Deck compatibility programme which rates games by how well they run on the handheld. And Valve have released a lot of info themselves, including showing its guts.

We at RPS still haven't had a chance to go hands-on with the machine ourselves due to the pandemic restricting travel. But maybe we should crank a videogame out this Sunday so we can qualify for one of of those dev kits...

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