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Rocketskid: Platinum Tease Vanquish PC Port

Platinum Games Gets Candid

Platinum Games' slick and stylish techno console shooter Vanquish [official site] is coming up on its six-year anniversary. Although the game's been around for quite some time now, whispers of a PC port have surfaced after a Kotaku interview with PlatinumGames' producer Atsushi Inaba. While nothing was outright confirmed, Inaba did tease it a bit as he discussed the future of Platinum's games on PC.

At one point in the discussion, one of the translators asked if Vanquish might be coming to PC. Inaba coyly responded, "Hrm. I wonder... If you stop recording, I can talk about that." The topic cropped up as Inaba discussed Platinum Games' interest in PC gaming. Whether or not a game gets a PC port seems to be up to the publishers, however. Inaba explained:

"But to be honest, we’re good friends with Valve and often go to their studio. We go there, hang out, talk about many different things, and we are very interested in Steam and would definitely like to release games on Windows. Right now, we’re at a place in which publishers ask us to make titles. So, if the publisher doesn’t want to release a PC version, then there won’t be a PC version. It really comes down to that."

The Japanese games industry is also very much console-centric. As Platinum's audience has become globalized the studio is definitely more open to the idea of bringing their games to PC. Inaba noted:

" Japan, the PC versions don’t sell much. Outside Japan, they do, but within the country, they do not. But, if you look abroad, everyone is playing on the PC. It’s something you cannot ignore."

For now, we'll have to sit tight and see if a PC version of Vanquish materializes. It certainly won't be the studio's first PC game. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the upcoming Scalebound, and more all have found a home on Windows.

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