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Volition's Agents of Mayhem introduces shootstars

From the makers of Saints Row

A new vidvad for Agents of Mayhem [official site], the upcoming singleplayer class-based shooter from Saints Row devs Volition, shows off several of its characters with pomp and explosions. The game hasn't looked megagreat to my spectating eye but Holly Nielsen dug the preview version she played recently and Adam before her liked it too, so I'll see how it goes. For now, the answer is: with jokes and explosions.

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Agents of Mayhem sees the heroic-ish folks of the organisation Mayhem fight to save futureSeoul by exploding bad dudes. It's a singleplayer shooter where players pick a team of three characters from the game's dozen and can switch between the three at any moment, with only one on the battlefield at a time. So it's handy to build a team whose abilities can set up combos for each other and whose playstyles complement nicely. And it's loud and colourful and silly.

Holly's preview said:

"The humour will not be to everyone's taste, and for me it occasionally felt forced. The anarchic writing was enjoyable in a preview build but it would definitely wear thin for me in a full game. However, the combat has piqued my interest. If the verticality the triple jump offers is utilised in the open world then I'll be willing to forgive the constant shouting wisecracks and spend time trying to master the three-agent mechanic."

Agents of Mayhem is due out on August 15th in that there America they have nowadays, then August 18th elsewhere. Must be abide by these silly cyberborders? Peace and love and harmony, maaaan.

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