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Vomit giant sausages to gain Gecko Ridemption

Red Did Ridimption

The humble gecko is a magnificent creature. Have you heard them scream? Well now you might, because Gecko Ridimption [official site] is a free frenzy of colour featuring sticky lizards with the ability to puke whole kayaks onto the wall and shoot lasers from their faces causing massive explosions. I’d give you a reason for all this reptile chaos, but the best I can come up with is: “Adult Swim”.

You can go in blind on its page or play via your browser. For anyone who needs more explanation: you’re a gecko and you must conquer the sports balls. The other player geckos will try to stop you. Stand on a sports ball for a few seconds to capture it and shoot lasers at others to stop them setting up their own turf. You stick to everything, so it’s really a matter of boking up nachos and soda cans and using them both as cover and as a means to form bridges to the floating sports balls. This is what all this mayhem looks like.

Watch on YouTube

I’ve just had a short messabout and it is as silly as it looks. I laughed hard when I saw the state of the trophy you get when you win a match. It is a melted and warped piece of trash.

The game has been snatched up by Adult Swim for their Et Cetera collection of oddities but is made by Theo Triantafyllidis (previously responsible for a horrifying “self portrait”) & Alex Rickett who makes… actually I’m not sure what this stuff is.

So yeah. Have fun but be careful. I used to hear a friendly gecko chirruping from inside my house. But one evening my cat swallowed him whole. Lasers are sometimes not enough.

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