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VR Corbyn & wrestlechess: 300 absurd imaginary games

Straight from the tweet factory

There are a lot of interesting games in the world, and I try to look at as many of them as I possibly can, but I spent some time over the weekend looking at interesting games that aren't in the world. On December 5th, author Nate Crowley offered to write a short description of a fictional video game every time somebody liked this tweet. He's currently at 300 games and while none of them actually exist (yet; a gamejam is a possibility) they're beautifully absurd pitches.

First of all, I feel I should apologise to Mr Crowley because drawing attention to the tweets may lead to more likes, which make make this task impossible to complete. His world has already been changed and it's surely only a matter of time before he describes a game about making a list of imaginary games, realising that is all that remains to be done.

You can read the full list, starting from the first entry, right here, but there's a taster menu below.

There's silly wordplay, leading to horrific VR experiences:

Stealth games that I want to play immediately:


And then there are some common themes. The Britishness of many entries is one such theme, with chicken shops and Timpsons making appearances, along with Wetherspoons and LEGENDS:

Wrestling makes a few appearances:

As does Jason Statham:

There are some wonderfully sinister ideas, in both the management and survival horror genres:

And then there's the one that I actually really want to play right now:

But my personal favourite is Wolfglance Tycoon because that is the best name for a game I've ever seen:

Think of these as an alternative to our Advent Calendar games. Go there for the stuff we really loved this year, and peruse Crowley's list for the games we hope to love in the future.

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