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Wadjet Eye vampire RPG Nighthawks emerges with a new trailer

Don't say it "sucks"

A young girl approaches you with her pick of the plague rats. A bartender asks what it's like, y'know, drinking blood. That you died six months ago is barely a passing concern in Nighthawks. After a successful Kickstarter closed in 2018, the vampire RPG from Wadjet Eye and RPS chum Richard Cobbett has resurfaced once more with a new trailer, a spot on Steam, and a 2021 release window.

Even in undeath, nobody is free from the financial pressures of funding a videogame.

Nighthawks is your usual True Blood / Vampire: The Masquerade style neckbiting affair. Dim lights, seedy bars, smog-filled backstreets and societies of the undead simmering beneath the unsuspecting world of the living. You know the deal. Only here, humans know what the deal is too - they know there are bloodsucking ghouls stalking the nights, they know their necks are up for grabs, and they're having none of it.

Taking management of a failing nightclub in a new town, you'll find yourself putting together a crew of loners, misfits and monsters, balancing your bloodthirst with a need to not start a supernatural civil war. There's fear and suspicion in the air, and opportunities for a cunning creature of the night to make some crafty power-players. Being more of an RPG than Wadjet Eye's previous work, stat rolls, abilities and combat are woven into Nighthawks' illustrious prose.

I'm personally not super into the whole Vampire thing (sorry, Cara), but I've got a lotta faith in Cobbett and Wadjet Eye to tell a great tale. Save for the "objectively wrong" Matt, the RPS Treehouse crew were thoroughly wowed by Unavowed, the developer's latest. My own heart fell for robo-punk adventure Primordia, even if it stems largely from having a whole 10-hour train ride across Finland to enjoy its wonderfully tactile conspiracies.

Nighthawks is set to arrive in early 2021, with more news is set to see the light of day "later this year". Until then, you can have a lurk at its Steam page for future updates.

Disclosure: Nighthawks is being written by Richard Cobbett, who's also penned some words for this here videogame website from time to time.

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