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Wahey: Dragon Age: Legends Made Fun

Now this is more like it. Dragon Age: Legends, the Facebook game intended to a) promote Dragon Age II and b) suck out your very soul, has been remixed by indie chaps Pixelante, creators of the lovely Pixel Legions. (But not the same lot as Auntie Pixelante aka Anna Anthropy - that would be something). The net result? Dragon Age: Legends becomes a romping good time, a festival of monster-splatting and levelling up rather than a glacially-paced exercise in begging.

'Remix' ain't the half of it - it's almost entirely a different game now. Focused entirely on real-time action, it's fast and gloriously stupid and full of instant rather than cruelly drawn-out rewards. And not a microtransaction or two-hour wait in sight. Jolly good fun, and wastes no time in being enormously over the top. I may even have enjoyed it more than DA2 itself, but I'll say that quietly.

Oddly, this remix is actually a promotional game in and of itself for the 'proper' Dragon Age: Legends, and even unlocks items within the latter. So a promotional game for a promotional game for a full-size game? That's new heights of meta-marketing, surely.

This is Remix 01, by the way -hopefully that implies more are to come. I do love the idea of getting indie devs to rethink big licenses, like the mad Serious Sam stuff the other week. When all's that coming out, by the way? Hurry up, chaps.

Play Dragon Age: Legends: Remix 01 for free in your browser here.

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