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For They Are Many: Pixel Legions

At a certain point today I'm going to have to accept that I have other work to do than play Pixel Legions. It's a fantastic game by Pixelante, an arcade strategy in which you must control your armies of pixels in small battles against those of other colours. Wow, it suddenly seems so racist now I type it out. Hey, Pixelante, what have you got against the Magenta people? What did the Cyans ever do to you?

Pixelante is not to be confused with Auntie Pixelante, creator of Mighty Jill Off and When Pigs Fly. This is the man who brought us the absolutely lovely ImmorTall.

The game is, genuinely, quite brilliant. In fact, I think I'm in danger of underselling it purely because I don't DO strategy. But I do DO this. (I said "do do".) You have a moveable base, which generates clusters of pixels. This can be clicked on, then dragging the cursor draws a line for them to follow. You can group them together, set up ambushes, use them to flank enemies (vital), or even send a small gang of little blocks to die as a cunning decoy, while you sneak around the back of your enemy/enemies.

Perhaps the criticism some might level is the relatively simple difficulty level. For me, that's why I enjoy it. I get to win! I like winning. It makes me feel like they were all wrong, all those teachers, the other kids, those policemen, my parents.

I cannot for the life of me work out who it was who brought this to my attention. Thank you, whoever you were. I'm choosing to believe you were an angel.

Edit: I know who it was! It was Ethan Levy of Dragon Age Journeys fame, via their Twitter. Which I think makes him an angel.

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