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Wakey Wakey: Sleeping Dogs Gets A Release Date

You there! Do you want to know when in the calendar year Square Enix's open-world police drama Sleeping Dogs will be with us? If not, please disregard the next few lines. Here's something to distract you while the rest of us discuss the nexus of time and a game about a man running around Hong Kong punching people in the face. For the rest of us, it's time to talk. Me, you, August 17th, Sleeping Dogs. And to the surprise of nobody, you can pre-order and receive a few special bonuses. One of those is a flying punch. If you want to know more, and want to see eight minutes of footage of the game, just stick £10'000 in my Paypal account and click the pre-order link below. Don't click it first, as I have no way of denying anyone access. Prove to me the honour system works.

So, yeah: when you pre-order in stores you can get the "George St. Pierre content", which is a flying punch, more powerful grapples and throwing damage, and an outfit. George is an MMA start who'd been advising the team on their in-game grapples. You'll also get the "Police Protection content", which includes a new mission, a SWAT uniform, gun, and car. Anyway, here's some off-screen footage of the game from PAX. Eight minutes long, but starts with about four minutes of running. The rest is slightly awkward violence.

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