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Wang Squared: Saints Row's, Er, Bat In Shadow Warrior

Totally wanging it

Normally I wouldn't even bat an eyelash at some random cross-game promotional effort - let alone dedicate precious RPS Hyper Maturity Space to it - but this time is different. The reason? Two of the dumbest, most laughably enjoyable games I've played in ages are colliding, and there is now no way that last clause wasn't a euphemism for something, authorial intent be damned. Yes, it's finally happening: Saints Row The Third's infamous dildo bat is invading another game. I know, I know. It's only a matter of time before it replaces the standard-issue pistol as every game's go-to default weapon of choice, but for now Shadow Warrior's caught its purple, pulsating disease. Continue not being able to look away below.

The Penetrator's yours if you own both Saints Row IV and - when it comes out - Shadow Warrior. It's functionally identical to whatever sword Wang's wielding at the time except for, well, you know.

Devolver's announcement was fairly, er, straight and to-the-point:

"Not sure what else to tell you all that hasn’t been summed up already. If you own Saints Row IV on Steam and purchase Shadow Warrior, you can literally use the big purple Penetrator in place of a katana in Shadow Warrior to sever the heads off of demons. We know, and yet we can’t really believe it ourselves."

Shadow Warrior will be out on September 26th, which is right around the corner. I made a video of a near-final version rather recently, if you want to see how it plays. Now then, I'll leave you all to commence with the Wang jokes, though I warn you: it's probably impossible to top what Devolver and Deep Silver have already managed themselves.

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