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Warframe devs tease more details of their free-to-play Soulslike

Soulframe sounds a long way off

Everyone is rightly tired of games being compared to Dark Souls, but I feel like it's allowed in the case of Soulframe. It's being made by Digital Extremes and it trades the science fiction of Warframe for fantasy. Bonfires play a role. There's melee sword combat. What more do you need to know?

Well, if the answer is "some more", then there were a handful of extra details in a developer livestream this evening.

The stream was called the "Warframe & Soulframe transition stream" on Twitch, and that's an accurate summary. The developers at Digital Extremes mostly talked about who from the Warframe team would be moving onto Soulframe, how they would continue to be involved in future Warframe updates, and who is going to be in charge of Warframe moving forward. It was designed to reassure the community that Warframe was not being forgotten, in other words.

If you hop to around the 16 minute mark of the stream, the developers talk through some of the concept art and details from the Soulframe announcement trailer last month. The huge wolf chained to the ground in the trailer, for example? It's called Orengal, and the triangular balloon alongside is a signal so a skyship can come collect it. As a player, you don't want that to happen because you can join souls with it and gain its powers.

After that, Digital Extremes showed some techy animation stuff, and uploaded a couple new videos to their YouTube channel. In one, the developers go for a walk while discussing their favourite moments from their own trailer:

Watch on YouTube

The other is a 4K upload of the Soulframe announcement trailer from last month.

Lastly, you can now head to the Soulframe official site and if you can decipher the runic language of the "Ode", a race of invaders within Soulframe, then you can signup to reserve your in-game name. It sounds as if Soulframe is a long way from done, so there's maybe not a great rush to do that.

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