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Nordic Warmen: Wargame Red Dragon Free DLC Out

The game's on same too

While I'm tackling things we possibly should/should have posted about more, hey! Let's talk about Wargame Red Dragon [official site]! Developers Eugen Systems might be working on a new RTS, Act of Aggression, but they're still tickling Wargame gently and whispering softly in its ear then giggling. Patches. They're releasing more patches. And more free DLC, though in my day we'd call that etc. Yesterday brought the 'Norse Dragons' pack with 64 new units from Nordic lands, and the game's on sale for a few days too.

The Norse Dragons Steam page explains:

"Dedicated to the Scandinavian coalition, it features more than 60 new units for Sweden, Denmark & Norway. Effectively propelling this coalition as well as the individual countries into the early '90s era, it will bring them onto an equal footing with the other nations from Wargame: Red Dragon. Every type of unit is represented (planes, infantry, tanks, IFVs, ...) including some iconic and long-expected "Northern" units: the Saab Gripen, Frømandskorpset, NASAMS, ...
And as a bonus, ANZAC will also get an extra unit, in the form of the Vickers Mk.11."

Here's a list of the new units added in Norse Dragons, if military hardware names mean anything to you. My favourite's the Livgarden '90. Made of... really good metal, that... implement of war is, it's got a great... user manual? Might also be named after a retro indie rock festival. This forum thread has details on all the balance tweaks in a patch yesterday accompanying the DLC if you want to know it all, everything, everything ever.

Meanwhile, a 75% discount brings Wargame Red Dragon down to £7.49 on Steam until Friday. If you know nowt about it, here, Tim Stone filed a battle report last year.

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