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Waaaaghface! Warhammer 40k: Sanctus Reach released

Get your waaaaghface on

Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach [official site], the turn-based wargame of grimdark futurewar and wacky fun orky waaagh!, launched last night. It's not quite an adaptation of the tabletop ruleset but I do hear it feels like a streamlined version, which is nice. For all the Warhammer 40k games we have growing on trees, showering the waaaaghpavement with waaaaghfruit and waaaaghleaves that make careless waaaaghchildren slip and break their pretty little waaaaghfaces, they rarely get too near tabletop territory.

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Sanctus Reach pits Space Marines from the Space Wolves chapter against those cheeky orks. The orks are having a lark in another big ol' waaagh!, merrily fighting and killing their way across a system, but the Space Wolves are being total buzzkills.

It's turn-based, grid-based action, with army building a bit like the tabletop game. Each unit has a point value and you're given a point cap, meaning you can put together an army as you please as long as it's below the cap. A handful of robuts might look impressive but, y'know, perhaps it'd be more sensible to diversify.

Sanctus Reach is made by Straylight Entertainment and published by Slitherine, built upon Slitherine's own shiny new 3D engine. It may not look as pretty as even 2009's Dawn of War II but hey, it's a step!

You can nab Sanctus Reach on Steam for £22.99/27,99€/$29.99 or from Slitherine for a bit more.

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