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Warhammer Online Gets Release Date

As one MMO dies, another is born. Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning (or WoAoR as I prefer to say) has finally shouted out a release date: 18th September, 2008.

How much will it cost to play a month, you cry? Read on.

It was a three-way tie at the Even Sillier Hat Contest.

The pricing structure is as follows:

- 1 month for 12.99€ (£10.31)

- 3 months for 35.97€ (£28.55)

- 6 months for 65.94€ (£52.34)

We're not sure at this point if the UK will get charged in Euro, or if this is simply a quick conversion and the Brits will get their own Pound amount. WoW costs 12.99€, but only £8.99 in the UK. We've asked, and they're looking into it.

(Trying to figure out who to ask about WAR is utterly confusing. The game, developed by Mythic, and then EA Mythic, isn't being published in Europe by EA. Oh no, that would be too easy. GOA (who are in turn a branch of Orange) are taking care of that. And the PR, that's being done by EA... and GOA... oh, and the madly named Indigo Pearl. Frankly, that they managed to coordinate a release date is a fine achievement on its own.)

No one was a winner at the Silly Shoulderpad Contest.

The announcement goes on to say, also muddling Euro with the archaic Pound Sterling,

From the 28th August, the regular edition of the game can be pre-ordered at 5€ (£3.97), and this special pre-order pack will entitle players to a key for ‘Live Game Head Start’ access ahead of the full commercial release on the 18th September, as well as bonus in-game items. The regular edition of the game will be priced at 49.99€ (£39.69) RRP with a 30-day subscription included.

Which seems an astonishingly high price for a PC game, especially with a monthly sub on the end. Hopefully this is in fact not true. For reference, GAME currently has the game priced at £35 for the RRP (and £27 from them, cheapness fans).

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