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Electronic Old Men: Warren Spector & Pals Play Deus Ex

Memories and rediscoveries

We shared our memories of Deus Ex on the seminal FPS-RPG's 15th birthday in June, but who are we? Your best Internet pals, sure, but nobodies in the field of Deus Ex compared to director Warren Spector, its writer Sheldon Pacotti, and its lead programmer and assistant director Chris Norden. Nobodies. We're baby birds in our gamenest with open beaks cheeping for them to nourish us. Which is exactly what they do in a new video, playing through the first fifty minutes of Deus Ex to celebrate the birthday.

Yes, they're late, but I imagine electronic old men get tired and disoriented running the world.

Spector, Pacotti, and Norden take to Liberty Island to take down the terrorists, but how? Do they take the sniper rifle, GEP gun, or mini-crossbow? Are they sneaky or murderous? Do they let their stiff lips do the talking or their fists?

It's been many years since they last visited Deus Ex, so they're returning with plenty of memories to share from its making, how they hoped it'd be, and what they made of other people's responses to it, while also rediscovering the game themselves.

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