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Wartales is the next free game for RPS premium supporters

Codes will be first-come, first-served, and in limited quantities, so here's how to get it

If you've been on the fence about whether to get an RPS subscription on the cheap this Black Friday / Cyber Monday period, our latest free game announcement might just be the thing you need to tip you over the edge. Hot off the heels of our Darkest Dungeon giveaway, the next free game we're offering to existing RPS premium subscribers is the all-new open world strategy RPG, Wartales.

Wartales is the next game from the makers of Northgard, and it launches into early access in just a couple of days time on December 1st. We'll have a full review of the early access version up on the site very soon, but we've loved what we've played of it so far. In case you missed our earlier coverage, Wartales is an open world tactics RPG that sees you take control of a group of mercenaries making their way through a plague-ridden medieval world. Your goal is to survive by feeding and paying your band of mercs, and when we spoke to the devs about it, they said you'll have plenty of freedom in how you go about it. This is not a game that bogs you down in tedious sidequests, and you can "pretty much play the way you want," game director Nicolas Cannasse told us. "You can explore, fight bandits, or be bandits yourself."

Nate (RPS in peace) also loved the low fantasy setting when he played a preview build of it back in August: "Low fantasy, to me, offers all the grim delights of medieval history, without being weighed down by any need to reflect the actual events of the past," he wrote. "It's a subgenre that lends itself particularly well to stories of murky people doing murky things, and people don't get much murkier than mercenaries."

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If that sounds like your cup of medieval stew, Wartales will be available at no extra cost to RPS premium subscribers on the same day it comes out, Wednesday December 1st.

We're announcing this key drop in advance again because, much like our Darkest Dungeon giveaway, it's a smaller key drop than usual. Codes will only be available in limited quantities, and we wanted to make sure everyone has an equal chance to grab one to avoid disappointment.

These keys have kindly been provided by Wartales' developers, Shiro Games, and they'll be available on a first-come, first-served basis from 4pm GMT (8am PT) on December 1st - so make sure you're near your phone or PC at that time to claim your copy. I'll write another reminder post on the day itself, too.

If you're already a premium supporter, you'll be able to claim your copy of Darkest Dungeon by signing in to your ReedPop ID and visiting the Codes page on your account. You can then boot up Steam, click "Activate a Product on Steam..." and copy in your key to start downloading.

If you don't yet support RPS and want to, you can view the tiers and benefits and sign up here. By supporting RPS, you're helping to keep the site daft, but you also get an ad-free site, and for premium-tier supporters, extra posts and podcasts, plus game keys like the one above as thanks. And remember, until 11.59pm GMT tomorrow, November 30th, you can get 35% off both of our yearly subscription tiers - although if you're signing up to get Wartales, make sure you select the Premium option, not Standard.

Thank you once again to everyone who's already signed up to be an RPS supporter. We'll have more news about the next larger key drop for all premium subscribers very soon.

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