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Hack 'N' Crash: Watch_Dogs' Exceedingly Hackable Chicago

Welcome to the jungle

I've been to Chicago before. It was for Lollapalooza a few years ago, so I remember heat, sweat, and gibbering herds of sticky humans jammed together like uncooked hotdogs - and pretty much nothing else. I guess, then, I'll just have to take Ubisoft's word for it when it comes to Watch_Dogs' rendition of Chicago, which is apparently about as true to life as you can get while presupposing that a) it is the near future and b) the entire city can be controlled by a single magic cell phone. Apparently all the citizen AI and whatnot is quite sophisticated, though. Hack into the jungle of 1s and 0s below to for a video.

The claims made in this trailer are extremely bold, but I really want to see how things like "citizens with individual personalities" pan out. What does that actually mean? How individual? Is it just a few lines of text when you hack them, or do they really have entirely different day-to-day behaviors, reactions in the heat of the moment, etc?

Ubisoft did cite AI and general lack of city/mission variety as reasons for Watch_Dogs' last_second delay, so maybe those things are polished to a glimmering sheen now. Or maybe they were super subpar before the delay, and now they're just OK. For now, we can only wait, see, and hope. Also watch. But we cannot dogs. We can never dogs.

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