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Watch_Dogs Delay Due To 'Broken' Systems, Out In May

Hot dog!

All I wanted to do was watch some dogs late last year. Was that so much to ask? Apparently, because Ubisoft abruptly delayed near-future hacker magic sim Watch_Dogs into the non-specific reaches of 2014. To sate my craving, I had to go to a dog park, and there weren't any hackers there at all. What a bust. Now, though, Aiden Pierce - man of many faces, two first names, and one silly hat - is back on track, and he'll be breaking phones and probably hearts in May. But why the wait in the first place? According to Ubisoft, the game just wasn't coming together.

Grumble grumble serious gravel voice thematically questionable nudity some things you can't walk away from GUNSHOT (the gun also has a gravel voice) yeah.

Watch_Dogs (not to be confused with "Watch, Dogs," a game in which you try to hold the very fickle attention spans of over 30 different canine breeds) will be out on May 27th. The lengthy wait, creative director Jonathan Morin told Eurogamer, resulted from a dearth of finer details. The game needed more - not just predefined, "repetitive" mission solutions and rudimentary AI. And many systems were "broken" to boot.

"When you're promising a player that they can hack everything and express themselves, they expect the result to be there. A complicated game that is broken is no more acceptable than an easier one that works."

Systems like AI and world cohesion simply weren't coming together, so Ubisoft (wisely, from the sound of things) stuck the game back in the oven. Soon, however, the action-heavy hack-a-thon will complete its marathon sprint to the finish. At that point, we'll see if time and polish were really all it needed.

For now, though, are you still looking forward to Watch_Dogs? It initially got so much buzz that every bee the world over flew into a confused rage, but I feel like that's died down rather significantly with time. Do you still see a lot of promise in this one?

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